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  • Carly on Oculus Quest!

    Carly on Oculus Quest!

    Carly and the Reaperman is finally out on Oculus Quest, get the product here:

  • CATR on PSVR

    CATR on PSVR

    We are proud to announce that Carly and the Reaperman has been released on PSVR. The game can be bought digitally through the PlayStation Network store. See what people are saying about it: Pure Playstation Use a potion!

  • Carly previewed by RoadToVR

    Carly previewed by RoadToVR

    Co-op experiences with asynchronous elements are few and far between at this point in VR, especially those that allow VR and non-VR players to work together, so we’re happy to see Carly and the Reaperman shaping up into something interesting, and looking forward to seeing what else the game has in store – Road to vr